Yasiel Puig is Unreal

Last night, in a Dodgers loss, Yasiel Puig went 3-for-4, not hitting a home run because he’s a no-talent hack like everyone else in Hollywood.

Also, these are his numbers since being called up on June 3rd: 

.500/.515/.938, 4 HR, 5 SO, 1 BB in 33 PA.

Not counting last night’s game, he’s already been worth 0.7 WAR or roughly one Brandon Moss. Or Freddie Freeman. Or Jay Bruce. Or Elvis Andrus. And again, let me remind you, that’s in 7 days of play. 

Sure, he’s only drawn one walk, but what do you want him to do? Take a pitch instead of crushing it for a home run? And while his plate discipline was one of the concerns about him in Spring Training, when he had nearly identical numbers in 58 PA, hitting .517/.500/.828, it’s yet to present any kinds of problems. Because unlike other players with hot starts that see a lot of hits surrounded with a lot of miss, Puig’s K% of 15% would put him below the league average of 20%. 

It’s not like he’s seeing only fastballs either, getting them 59% of the time compared to the league average of 57.5%. He’s simply making more contact on everything thrown remotely near him. He’s making more contact and driving the ball like nobody’s business.

Yes, Puig is going to slow down at some point. Pitchers are going to adjust and find that spot in the zone that he can’t reach or start using a pitch that he doesn’t read very well. Because unless reality is a video game and Puig is a character in it with all the offensive bars adjusted and a few cheat codes thrown in, what Puig’s doing is unsustainable in every way.

One year ago, people thought the Dodgers were crazy to throw $42 million at Puig. Even after Puig cools down, they’re looking pretty damn smart now. 

(Information source: Fangraphs.com) 

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