The Great Baseball Beer Guide

A few weeks ago, I lamented that despite there being a number of ballclubs named for the hoppy, refreshing nectar that is beer, there was only one baseball-themed brew out there. I then received a number of messages informing me of just how wrong I was. Fortunately, for the greater good of mankind, there is a small multitude of baseball beers out there, you just need to know where to look.

In addition to the beers like Surly’s Bandwagon, sold inside Target Field, and the Operation: Homefront beers brewed with Louisville Slugger bats to benefit American military personnel by Stone Brewery, Left Hand Brewing, 21st Amendment, and Cigar City Brewing, there are others available and ready to purchase. 

Below is the current and ever-growing guide to what you can run out and buy this very moment. Unfortunately, most of them are local-friendly and could be difficult to purchase unless you can hop on a jet and travel from town to town picking up six-packs.

Shoot me a message or leave a comment if there are any I’ve missed as I’m sure I have—Google is not the best at searching for baseball brews. Only by working together can we all get toasted, nicely toasted, on wonderful baseball beers. (Oh yes, and please, drink responsibly.)

Blue Blood Brewing Company


(Image via Untappd)

Beer: 6-4-3 Double Play

Type of Beer: Pilsner

When Available: Seasonally

Where Available: Lincoln SaltDogs home games

Notes: A beautiful can, combining baseball and dogs, making it perhaps the greatest combination this side of chocolate and bacon. Sadly, despite its ease of transport, it’s yet to find its way into my arms. 

Boulevard Brewing Company


Beer: Saison-Brett

Type of Beer: Saison

Where Available: ?

When Available: Limited release

Notes: Though I’m not sure if this beer can still be found (their tracker lists nothing in the Kansas City area even), it’s the perfect pairing for a night watching George Brett highlights or trying not to shit your pants in Las Vegas. 

Bridgeport Brewing Company


(image via Bridgeport Brewery Facebook

Beer: Long Ball Ale

Type of Beer: Ale

When Available: Seasonally

Where Available: Hillsboro Hop baseball games

Notes: A very cool idea carried out to the tenth degree: a baseball team named after a beer with their very own brew by the folks at Bridgeport Brewing company. When people talk about syngery, this is what they mean. 

I have a lot of reasons to visit Portland, but now I’ve got one more.  

Brooklyn Brewery


Beer: Brooklyn Pennate Ale ‘55

Type of Beer: English style Pale Ale

When Available: All Year

Where Available: Apparently everywhere in the US except the West Coast

Notes: Probably my favorite beer and the one I always buy when I visit my parents on the East Coast. One dollar from every case sold will go to help fund the Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese statue outside of the Brooklyn Cyclones park. And that’s cool. 

Carolina Brewery


(Photo by KickTheBeat)

Beer: Bullpen Pale Ale

Type of Beer: Pale Ale

When Available: Seasonally

Where Available: Durham Bulls home games and Carolina Brewery tastings

Notes: Crash Davis would be proud. 

Cooperstown Brewing Company 


(Photo via Cooperstown Brewery’s Facebook

Beers: Everything they brew is baseball-themed. Literally everythig. 

Type of Beer: Various. 

When Available: Old Slugger Pale Ale, Nine Man Golden Ale, Benchwarmer Porter are available year round, Backyard IPA and Pride of Milford available seasonally. 

Where Available: The taproom at 110 River St, Milford NY along with some upstate New York and Massachusettes locations. 

Notes: The fact that I can’t get this beer in Los Angeles is enough to make me cry. However, there is nothing more right in this world than Cooperstown, NY having their own baseball-themed brewery.

When you’re kicked out of the Hall of Fame because you’re crying way too much, you’ll have something to drown those tears with. 

Hangar 24


Beer: Baseball Beer

Type of Beer: Pilsner

When Available: During baseball season

Where Available: Available at select minor league stadiums that serve Hangar 24

Notes: While I’ve embibed Hangar 24’s Orange Wheat beer at a Rancho Cucamonga Quakes game in 90+ degree heat, and found it pretty damn satisfying, I have yet to have the pleasure of trying their baseball beer specifically made for those situations. I hope to rectify that soon. 

Left Field Brewery


Beers: Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale, 6-4-3 Double IPA, Maris American Pale Ale

Type of Beer: Various

When Available: Year round. Others, like the Garfoose Breakfast Stout, offered during select times. 

Where Available: The beer is available at the finest of draught pubs in the Toronto area with plans for Left Field to move into their own digs in the future. 

Notes: Do I begrudge Canada their national health care, abundant seal population, and delicious baseball brewery? Why yes, yes I do. 

Pyramid Breweries


(image via The Best Beer Blog

Beer: Curve Ball

Type of Beer: Blonde Ale

When Available: April - July

Where Available: In 24 states, essentially ringing the country. 

Notes: This is a great summer beer, though some people may find it too sweet. Those people are fascists. 

Plus, the label makes me think of a baseball with the magical power to raise long-dead mummies, and I’m all about that.  

Vermont Pub and Brewery:


(image via

Beer: Grand Slam Baseball Beer

Type of Beer: Amber ale

When Available: Year round

Where Available: The brewery at 144 College St, Burlington VT

Notes: Burlington not only has a brewery serving up baseball suds, but they’re home to the Lake Monsters, one of the best-named minor league teams currently playing.  If it weren’t for all the Phish tee-shirts, I might consider the town heaven on earth.

Wachusett Brewery


Beer: Green Monsta IPA

Type of Beer: India Pale Ale

When Available: Year round

Where Available: New England

Notes: It’s a surprising name as I’ve rarely seen Boston companies drop the “er” on their own products. But to each their own. Personally, I’d love it if the beer came in bottles, cans, and enormous, green-painted square growlers. Maybe one day. 

(Many thanks to @Jay_Jaffe, @Mighty_Flynn, @Ruhee, @yoshiki89, @RangersExpress, @neilmcintyre, @tscottcowan, hamhammer, essequamvideri-nc, eddweebic, Erik Gratton, @iammapes for the help. Last updated 7/7/13)

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