Can Francisco Liriano's Storybook Season Actually Win Him the National League Cy Young Award?

Over at Yahoo, I took a look at Francisco Liriano’s Cy Young chances. It’s not something I expected to be discussing: 

 ”If you had asked me before the season which Pittsburgh Pirates player was most likely to win a major baseball award, here are the top five candidates I would have given you:

1. Andrew McCutchen, MVP

2. Andrew McCutchen, Gold Glove

3. Andrew McCutchen, 2013 Recipient of Oscar Gamble Award for Most Recognizable Hair Style

4. Pedro Alvarez, Strikeout King

5. Clint Barmes, “Good Try, Fella” Award

 Instead, we are in early-August, the Pirates have the best record in baseball, and Francisco Liriano is largely responsible for that, putting himself in the Cy Young discussion with 12 wins, 2.02 ERA, and 106 strikeouts in 102.2 innings pitched. It’s the same Francisco Liriano, I may add, with a 5.23 ERA over the last two seasons, seasons in which he walked five batters per nine innings. Both of those numbers were second-highest in the league among pitchers with at least 250 innings, by the way.”

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