The Brewers have Hank the Wonder Dog, but what about the rest of the league?

This spring, the Brewers have warmed the hearts of baseball fans by adopting, Hank, an adorable stray dog with a fluffy coat and big, lovable eyes. You can already go purchase a Milwoofie tee in which you agree to “Crank one for Hank.” 


But just because the Brewers stumbled upon a cute puppy, it doesn’t mean that the other team finds deserve less attention. Here are just a few of the things that MLB teams have stumbled upon during spring training: 

Pittsburgh Pirates: Opossum

(Wikimedia Commons)

The Pirates found this cute little guy running around the outfield after pitchers infield practice in late February. The team couldn’t resist his charms and, despite biting five different players and using the team’s hot tub as a personal toilet, the team now keeps him around for good luck. They’ve taken to calling him “Bitey.” 

Oakland Athletics: Garfield comic strips

After a tough luck loss, Oakland Athletics third baseman Josh Donaldson found a book of Garfield cartoons and started giggling uncontrollably. To lighten the mood in the clubhouse, he started posting his favorite strips on teammate’s cubicles and on Billy Beane’s office door.

Says Donaldson, “The guys just love it. I mean, we all love lasagna and hate Mondays! Hahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahaahhahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah.” 

San Diego Padres: Cougar


After playing a game against the Reds on March 2nd, the Padres returned to their clubhouse to see a cougar devouring their post-game spread. The cougar now controls the clubhouse and the players either change clothes in the dugout or in the parking lot. 

Cleveland Indians: Ghost Girl

(Miss Meadows’ Pearls

After a night of drinking and team building, four unidentified Indians players were wandering through an abandoned rail yard when they stumbled upon a little girl dressed in early 19th century clothing.

After asking the apparition where her parents were, she replied, “Dead. Dead. DEEEEAAAAD.” She then disappeared into the night like a wisp of smoke. Since then, players complain of a foul odor in the locker room and that the pitching machine only throws curve balls. 

Miami Marlins: Bag of Human Hair


While out for a morning jog, Marlins first baseman Garrett Jones discovered a bag of human hair next to a pile of chicken bones and magazine covers with the eyeballs cut out. Jones brought back the hair and says “it’s just good fun.” 

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