A Kind of Goodbye

Almost four years ago, I started Old Time Family Baseball on a whim. Sitting at home after some minor surgery, watching a Royals game on MLB.tv, and missing my roommates after moving to Los Angeles, I started this, hoping that it would be nothing more than a way for us to keep in touch. 

That morphed over time, the blog eventually becoming my place to combine baseball and jokes and Batman and existential despair. Somehow, there were readers that seemed to like that. 

And thanks to all of you for reading and writing and sharing and telling me when my facts were wrong or my typos were egregious or my jokes were lazy, we built up a kind of community. I got to meet a lot of great people, both online and in real life, people that I consider great friends, even if we’ve only spent a small amount of time in the same physical space.

Eventually, one of those roommates, Will Hall, did join up, making the site even better and helping with the heavy lifting, producing some phenomenal content like a look at the state of baseball in BrazilYu Darvish with a time machinethe correlation between ballplayers and bagels, and tons of others. 

So with one week to go before our fourth birthday, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining MLB.com’s Cut4 on Monday to continue writing jokes about baseball and scouring the web for the platonic ideal of Mike Trout highlights and Munenori Kawasaki dance moves. I hope you’ll follow me over there as I’m excited to join the very talented team that is already in place. 

This does, however, mean that Old Time Family Baseball will be changing. I’ll still be here, touching base with my work at Cut4 and perhaps commenting on some of the wonderful work that all of the other great baseball writers are producing, but you’ll want to point your browsers over to Cut4 if you want the full kit and kaboodle. 

Will is starting up his own site, continuing his holy mission at Park Adjusted Saves (ParkAdjustedSaves.Tumblr.com), and you can still find both of us on Twitter (myself @clairbearattack and Will @manybothansdied), so I hope you’ll follow us there. And we’ll still have all the archives up, including a brand new collection of greatest hits, for you to waste hours of your life upon. 

Because OTFB isn’t ending, it’s just going 2.0, or something. 

See you on the internet,

Mike & Will

  1. beisbolero said: Congratulations!
  2. raskut said: The king is dead! Long live the king!
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    Wow! Great for Mike, sad for tumblr. He is great to work with and has done a wonderful job combining humor and baseball...
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