Did Heath Bell Make an Angels in the Outfield Reference and No One Knew

While finding a good Angels in the Outfield clip for the Craig Counsell post, I stumbled upon this scene from the movie which features Neal McDonough, playing fictional oddball pitcher Whitt Bass, taking his patented slide into the pitcher’s mound. 

As you must remember, Heath Bell also took a slide into the pitcher’s mound during this year’s All-Star game. A comparison is in order. 

Heath Bell’s slide:  

Whitt Bass’ slide: 

Shockingly similar, don’t you think? 

While some would say that is just the way a human being looks while sliding, I have to assume that it was a coded reference to Heath Bell’s second favorite Danny Glover movie (his first obviously being Gone Fishin’). Now we only need alert America’s top code breakers and poetry students to find out what the underlying message is.

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