Giants Searching For Billy Chamberlain

Billy, a Giants superfan who has become a friend and good luck symbol for the entire team, has not been seen at the stadium since July 31st, leading Bruce Bochy and the entire Giants team to post his photo in the hope that someone may have information on him. Just five years ago, Billy was living in the parking lot of the stadium before Orland Green, a security guard who works for the Giants, took him in. Since then, Billy has been to nearly every game, with Giants players and coaches leaving tickets for him to make sure that he would be there. 

Bochy told NPR

"We are worried about him. It’s not like Billy not to be there. I can see him missing a day, which I don’t remember him ever missing, but to be gone this long — we’re concerned…

[Billy] was always by himself. I didn’t know any of his history, really didn’t ask him. It was just Billy, our friend, and he was a guy we thought would be there everyday and now we look back and we took it for granted that he’d always be there.”

Here is the lone photo that the Giants have of him, so if this post happens to reach someone who may know Billy, please contact the appropriate authorities: 

Hopefully with the added attention that the NPR interview may bring, Billy will be safely found and can soon return to AT&T park. 

(Huge thanks to ObitoftheDay for sending me the link.)

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